Frequently asked questions

Your website appears a little complicated. Why the trouble with the inquiry forms?

We supply goods which are often times large in size, delicate and expensive. To provide the necessary care and calculate appropriate shipping charges, it is necessary to treat every order invidually.

Also, this is the way we like to do business.


For some reason I cannot finalize my order. What is going on?

Most likely, you set a country for which we have no standardized shipping data. Just use the contact form to tell us what you want. We will then check out the best way to ship and send you a quotation.


Can I place an order without having to open an account?

Yes and no. You need to provide the data necessary to process the sale, but do NOT have to open an account. However, we advise you to open one, because it makes the tracking of your orders a lot easier on both ends.

Also, registered customers get a 5% discount.


Why should I subscribe to the Newsletter?

(Registered) subscribers get 10% discount.


I do not see my disount anywhere. How can I get it?

Contact us and we will reclassify you.


I am thinking of subscribing to the newsletter - the discount aside, just how much spam do I have to exspect from you?

A moderate amount. Usually about 2-3 Emails per month.


I am looking for something in particular, but I coult not find it on your website. Can you get it for me?

Generally, yes. We can procure most German/Euro items, depending on availability.


Do you ship to my country?

Yes, in general. Should there be a particular problem with your choice of destination, we will discuss alternative ways with you individually.


How do you ship?

This depends on the size/volume of your order. Depending on the destination, we can use and/or combine land, sea or air. All shipping includes tracking and certified insurance.


Do you ship door-to-door?

Any order small enough to be accepted by DHL: Yes. Larger orders will be shipped to international port/airport terminal or a customs office of your choice.


Are you an official dealer?

Yes. We are registered with the German government, customs, and the community we are situated in as displayed in our imprint and are official partners with many large (and small) accessories manufacturers


I am looking for a part from a manufacturer, you are not officially partnered with. Can you still get it for me?

In most cases: Yes. Please inquire for details.


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01. -Logo chrome for RDX SingleFrame Grill

EUR 26,00 ¤
19 % VAT excl. excl. Shipping costs

02. RDX Frontspoiler VARIO-X DAEWOO Kalos 2002-2008 (3/5-doors)

EUR 193,00 ¤
19 % VAT excl. excl. Shipping costs

03. RDX Front Spoiler VARIO-X3 CHRYSLER 300M

EUR 125,00 ¤
19 % VAT excl. excl. Shipping costs

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